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Monday, August 1, 2011

DVR Dilemmas

Are you a slave to your DVR? Do you depend on this mysterious black box to do your thinking for you?

I am one of those who have enough to remember without trying to wrack my brain figuring out what to watch and what to record. So tonight, trying to keep up with the new summer schedule, I found a show that I wanted to see called "Jerseylicious." Attempting to record it, I found that it was fourth on the list and didn't stand a chance of being recorded, in fact, I had to decide which two I wanted to keep. The reason I had to make this choice was because ages ago I was recording "Rizzoli & Isles'" first season and wasn't even aware that the second season had started. The other choice was "Harry's Law" which is also a great show, but was a rerun I could do without. The third choice was "The Big C" was scheduled to be deleted because it started the second half hour of the two one hour shows.

So after watching countless hours of television and although a DVR junkie, even watching some of the commercials, I am up to my ears in the competition of cable, fiber optics, dish networks and all their songs and dances and special offers of free DVRs that play in all rooms of the house, premium channels for a period of time and fast internet and super phone service all trying to lure us into their web of increased prices and crappy customer service leaving us with little choice of making it any better.

So after much consideration, I have decided to wait until a DVR that gives us at least three choices to record numerous shows that I will never find time to watch!

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  1. I have the opposite problem - all the good shows seem to be gone and my DVR is empty!